Dr. Sarah Cox - Veterinarian


Dr. Sarah Cox grew up in the Twin Cities of Minnesota and graduated from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine in 2022.

During her clinical year, she spent many of her rotations working on a wide variety of animals, including small and exotic companion animals, wildlife, and zoo species. Her veterinary interests in exotic species and animal behavior were strengthened through her job as a zookeeper during her summers; other professional interests currently include dentistry and soft tissue surgery. Having worked with a couple of shelter cat programs during her time as a vet student, she is also happy to be involved in WRVH’s work with the local rabbit shelter.

Dr. Cox lives with her cat and leopard gecko and is hoping to add a dog to the mix soon. In her free time, she likes training said cat, trying out various types of arts and crafts (drawing, painting, 3D art, knitting), hiking and hammocking, and attempting to find a warm-weather replacement for skiing.

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