Our boarding facilities are indoors and climate controlled. This avoids disease-carrying flies and parasites, as well as providing a comfortable temperature for your pet the year round.

Dogs stay in large runs or cages of various sizes, while cats stay in cages in a separate cat room. Dogs are taken out at least three times daily to one of our 6 covered outdoor yards for playtime and exercise. A $15 go-home bath is offered so that your dog is returned to you clean and fresh.

Caged pets (birds, rabbits, etc.) need to be brought in their regular cages along with their regular food.

For the protection of your pets and the other pets staying with us, we only board pets that are current on vaccines, and are currently on a heartworm and intestinal parasite preventative such as Sentinel or Heartgard. If your pet is not current, we will be happy to bring anything needed up to date.

Our boarding rate is $28 per night for dogs and $23 per night for cats. Call us for boarding rates on other pets as they vary. We invite you to tour our boarding facilities at any time during regular office hours.


If your dog is in need of a bath, leave it to us. We have a full size tub, a complete line of both therapeutic and cleansing shampoos, and warm cage dryers for your pet to dry in comfort. Our baths include a nail trim, anal gland cleaning, and ear cleaning at no extra charge. Give us a call to let us know when you will be dropping your dog off. Prices vary depending on the size of your dog.


We have a modern, up-to-date surgical suite that is fully equipped for all routine surgical procedures. In addition to spays and neuters, we provide surgical care for a wide variety of problems. We work closely with board certified surgeons at nearby specialty centers and are able to refer patients that require specialized surgical care. We do everything possible to ensure the safety and comfort of our surgery patients. Pre-surgical blood tests are recommended for all pets and can be done on the day of surgery. We follow the latest guidelines for safe and effective anesthesia and pain protocols. Respiratory monitors and pulse oximeters are used on all patients during surgery. Heated surgery tables, monitored post operative recovery area, and most important, a staff trained in the care of surgical patients all contribute to your pet's safety and 


Regular professional dental cleanings are an important part of maintaining your pets overall health. Abscessed or broken teeth, damaged tooth enamel, periodontal disease, and tartar buildup are all common causes of pain, systemic disease, and diminished quality of life for both cats and dogs. We use the most up-to-date equipment and techniques for dental cleanings, dental surgeries, teeth extractions, and sealing and bonding. Pre-anesthetic blood testing, safe and effective anesthetics and pain relievers, modern equipment to clean and polish the teeth, dental x-rays, and up to date dental surgery procedures are all used to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet.

Emergency and Critical Care

Our hospital is equipped and staffed for critical care cases and emergency situations. We also have the technical staff, facilities, and equipment to provide follow up care for those pets requiring hospitalization. An isolation ward is available for patients that could be contagious to other pets in the hospital for routine care. For after hour emergencies, you may call our clinic phone number, and an answering machine will give you both Dr. Campbell's cell phone number and the numbers of nearby emergency clinics.


We carry a complete inventory of the best veterinary pharmaceuticals, prescription foods, and supplements for your pets. Refills for your pet can be called in by phone. After a doctor has reviewed your pet's medical history, your pet's prescription can be waiting for you when you come in to pick up. As an added convenience, we have a drive-through window that you can use to pick up products without having to leave the comfort of your car.


Images are extremely helpful for diagnosing many medical and surgical problems. Radiographs (x-rays) are the traditional and still useful way to help assess internal organs and structures. Dental xrayOur modern x-ray equipment can provide us excellent radiographs for pets of all sizes. Sedation may or may not be needed for diagnostic quality images. We also have digital dental x-ray equipment that is able to give instant images to help determine the need for additional work during dental procedures.

Dental xray Ultrasound is now used routinely in veterinary medicine to help assess internal medical problems. The ultrasound technician performs the procedure in our office without using anesthesia or sedation. The doctor will then review the images and findings and be able to discuss with owners the best course of treatment for their pet.

Lab Testing

Veterinarians must often use laboratory tests to help provide the best possible medical care for your pet. Our hospital is equipped with modern laboratory equipment that is often able to give results in minutes for most routine tests including blood chemistry values, urine tests, and parasite testing. In addition, we work with several outside referral labs that provide rapid results for other tests including general blood panels, biopsies, and bacteria cultures.